Monday, 31 August 2009

It's been a long time...

A couple of months since my last post, but I have an excuse, I got married!
Claire and I tied the knot on the 25th of July and had a really countryside-type wedding. We got married in Ludlow castle and then headed back to mum and dads farm for the reception, the weather was perfect and everything went to plan - I even got some laughs on my speech!
Everyone turned up and we had a bout 175 people there in the evening. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a good few drinks, some aunts even got sent home in disgrace for getting too drunk (I didn't send them home I thought it was funny)!

We then spent two lovely weeks in Thailand for our Honeymoon before coming back down to earth with a bump and doing 14 hour days in Birmingham! Every weekend has been jam packed with stuff and so I haven't had time to update my blog, although I think I should be able to from now on. We've even been to another wedding this weekend, must be the time of lift we're going through!