Sunday, 30 October 2011

Drying Chilli Peppers

Its that time of year again when everything has to be stored up for winter use.

My Chillies have done well this year, although we never really use many they're nice to have in the store cupboard. Last year I tried drying them on a string in the kitchen but they went moldy in a few weeks so this year I've gone back to the food dryer as that worked so well before. We're still using chilli flakes from three years ago dried in this way so it seems silly not to use it again, I might also make some chilli and tomato chutney if I can find enough jars!

How does everyone else store their chillies for winter?

Sunday, 16 October 2011

I've met hugh!

Well today I met one of my hero's, someone who I can say, without exaggerating, changed my outlook on life and my life in general.
When I brought the River Cottage Cook Book all those years ago I had no idea what an influence it would have on me (and now my wife) and I'm sure this will continue for the rest of my (our)days. This book made me look at all food differently, I planted an orchard and started to garden, made my own wine and preserves, started to eat what I shot, it influenced our first house purchase (as I wanted a large garden), it made me read more on all the subjects of food and then on other items that should be locally produced. There were other influences in my life that have lead to this but it was reading that book that actually made me start to do all these things instead of talk about them.

Of course I didn't say any of this. Just told him my name for the signing and then stood behind him for an awkward photo! Still I was beaming as I walked out of the tent!

Sunday, 2 October 2011


I think that one of my favorite vegetables to grow is the squash.

They're easy to grow (if you've got the space)

They keep right through the winter and into spring (we just keep them in a box under the spare bed).

They taste great with loads of ways of cooking them.

They look great with hundreds of different colours and varieties. This year I grew lots of different types (can't figure out which is which now though!) and although they're a little small we had quite a good harvest from them.

I can see why they were such a staple in the past.