Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Looking Back - I think everyone does this post!

The last year has seen some major changes around our place. We’ve only been here 18 months but we’ve made it feel like home doing up quite a bit of the house. The garden is another matter. We’ve pretty much started from scratch this year with everything other than the lawn area (the only area that looks worse due to the addition of chicken digging up the lawn!).

Me taking down one of the old sheds

As you can see by the photos I started with a fairly bare, weed riddled plot but in a short space of time managed to build all the raised beds (planting them up the second they were finished as time was against me), remove an apple tree (although I’ve planted and apple and plum to replace it, and I got given an apple and pear tree for Christmas), build the greenhouse and give it a nice blue brick plinth, replace 100ft of fencing, make a good start on my shed, plant fruit bushes, build an arc and keep chickens and best of all grow plenty of vegetables to keep us well supplied nearly all year long!

Building and planting the raised beds

The raised beds finished just as spring was begining!

Full veg plot in Summer!

Greenhouse built and full of tomatoes.

Some happier ex-battery hens!

All in all I feel pretty happy with how this year has turned out, but I’ve got some big plans for next year!

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Barb and Steve said...

Wow! You did a great job converting your yard. Thanks for sharing this.