Thursday, 5 March 2009

Down on the farm

My brother and his girlfriend have just gone off on their travels on the weekend just gone so we went to my parent’s farm to see them off. they're off for 4 months around South America so we’re all quite jealous. Other than that it was nice to go back and feed the sheep and see the lambs. Really missing the lambing season this year, doesn’t seem right not having to drag yourself from a warm house to count how many have died overnight! Dad has lambed outside this year for the first time in as long as I can remember, but he down to about 30 sheep now so its not the big job that it once was. Also popped across to the neighbours farm to have a look at the cattle and pick up dads digger that been on hire. I always love looking around other peoples farms, every one is so different, really hope one day we can make our mark on one! Getting back home I’ve planted some snowdrops in the (now chicken free) lawn area (we dug them up from where a drain is going on the farm) and my mushroom kit has finally worked – fried mushrooms for tea (not very many though)!

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