Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Not Christmas – Me!
We've been surrounded by so many family and friends and I’ve had so many good gifts this year, I’m really pleased! But I’m also pleased to be at home for one night, we’ve been driving constantly to see said family and friends since the night before Christmas Eve and this will be the first night in our own bed (I’m looking forward to it now!). Still it was worth it and after New Years Eve things should go back to normal.Christmas day was lovely, we spent it at my mum and dads on the farm and there was still snow on the ground. Claire and I went for a lovely walk down to the river (so she could take pictures with the camera I brought her) with a very lame dog (Milly is dads dog, and she caught her paw when jumping out of a tractor two days before, but we think she’s faking it as she keeps holding the wrong leg up).I’ve got so many new things to play with/read/watch that I’m not sure what to do first. Mum and Claire both got me books on wild mushrooms (so if I kill myself it’s their fault) as well as lots of seeds and other goodies. I also got a big Victorian style glass bell cloche (something I’ve been hinting at, this should look really good in the garden). As well as this I was given a wood turning course, cookery books, camping stuff, DVDs and clothes but I’ll talk about some of those in another post or I will make people think I’m really spoilt!

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