Sunday, 12 February 2012

Started Our Orchard

Today I started my orchard.

Not much of a start I must admit, but i put two apple trees in just as it was getting dark tonight. A Cox Pippin and a Braburn, not very interesting varieties but you've got make sure you've got your tried and tested staples in first. These two are ones I lifted from the allotment, I only put them in last year so they should be fine with being moved (I hope), I've got a medlar and a Quince to go in as well that my mother brought me for Christmas (they're healed in at the moment).

I plan on putting in around thirty trees over the next year or two so any ideas on good varieties would be appreciated - I'm going to pick up two Scotts Bridgets tomorrow but more about that amazing apple another time! It's going to be a mixed orchard so apples, plums, pears, damsons will all be filling my belly every autum!

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Babs said...

Mmm, Quince, lovely.