Sunday, 17 May 2009

A whole month without writting!

Its been a busy month. I've had no internet for most of it so thats the main reason I havent written on my blog.
Mum, claire and me went to Malvern spring gardening show a couple of weekends ago and brought a few different herbs and salad seeds as well as a late brithday present - a automatic watering system! Really good day out, can wait till the autum one again

This Bank holiday weekend has been great for gardening, I've gotten hundreds of jobs done! As well as catching up on all my seed planting I've started to put in my wigwams of hazel for my climbing french beans and runner beans (popped up to the woods to cut the sticks so it cheraper than bamboo).

I've also managed to make a fruit cage out of "build-a-balls" and hazel to cover my gooseberries and blackcurrents.

Yesterday I also managed to start to install my automatic watering system across half of my raised beds, seems to work well but it was hard work digging under all the paths. It will be worth it in the long run as these 13 hour days are killing me in birmingham and work have now said we've got to take it in turns to do late nights as well! Rubbish!

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