Sunday, 8 November 2009

Courgettes in November

I can't believe how mild the weather has been, I've still got courgettes in the veg patch and roses in the boarders! Not thats I've seen them much as I haven't got back before 7 during the week but I've had a great weekend.Mum and dad both came round yesterday. Dad to give me a hand putting the roof on my shed, and mum to tidy up a few areas in the garden.
In all it was really productive, we got most of the roof on (I finished it off today) and it looks great - its got me keen to finish the inside of my shed and get making things again.
Mum worked wonders in the garden and cleared two areas that I've been "storing" rubbish. We did uncover a hedgehog at one stage but we built it another little house with dried grass and roof tiles so I hope it will be alright.

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