Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year

Well I’ve recovered from the hi-jinks of new years and spending the night in a 6ft yellow duck outfit was not the best idea ever! Good fun though, and it was nice as my sister came up and had fun with us all in my friends Terry’s pub.2009 definitely had its ups and down. I got married and had the best day ever, travelled to Thailand on our honeymoon, had a great Christmas and New Year with family and friends.
On the downside I worked on a job I hated for most of the year whilst commuting and as a result had no free time to do the things I liked.
This year I’m determined to find a job I enjoy, not too far from home and spend more time doing what I enjoy.I’m not one for setting New Years resolutions but I do like to set aims for myself, even though they might seem a bit daft to some people:

Find a job I like
Get my 5th Cup Yellow Sash in Kung Fu
Take part in a 10km run and run the whole way
Grow more fruit and veg (I’ve applied for an allotment in a local village so I should be able to grow on a bigger scale)
Hatch out some Quails
Grow lots of different mushrooms (I’m always saying I’ll do it and never get round to it)
Pass my trailer test (my brother booked me on it so now I’ve got to do it!)
Do all I can to improve my survival skills
Write a lot more

I'm sure this list will get longer.

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