Monday, 18 January 2010

Weird week

Last week was an odd one. Couldn’t go to the farm for a couple of days because of the snow, I had a rubbish weekend and some really bad news, but I wont go into that here. The days I managed to go to work was the best bit for a change, I’ve got to admit its quite fun working for dad – the drive isn’t though (its not in a tractor!) I managed to do lots of little jobs, like putting tin up the side of some of the barns and sealing them up, also feeding the sheep (which aren’t ours) hay as they can’t get to the grass. On Firday I went to a farm sale to have a look and to try and take some photos for an article I’ve written, but it was far too wet and rainy. decided that my boots aren't waterproof as my socks looked like they had just come out of the wash.
Today has been good fun as I’ve been working with my brother putting a floor above the wood shed, I really enjoy working with him and I love getting my hands dirty again – the more time I spend away from management the more I keep thinking I can’t go back to it!I do wish some divine inspiration would hit me on what job I should do next!
Any ideas?

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