Saturday, 9 January 2010

Time to warm up

Things are pretty cold at the moment and all covered over so today I cleared an area on the lawn and up some fruit and nuts on it for the birds. The blackbirds had the bits of apple away in minutes. My chickens enjoyed having some of their pen cleared, as well as some cut up spouts for them to peck at. We also needed some warming up so I decided to cook one of my childhood favourites – Jam Roly Poly. It’s really easy to make, just add 8oz of self raising flour, 3 oz of suet & a pinch of salt to a bowl. Mix it all with a bit of water, roll it out about 5mm thick and then spread loads of homemade jam on it. Roll it up and pop it in the oven for 40 minutes – Lovely & stodgy! Snuggled on the sofa with full bellies I think I ruined the moment by wanting to watch a DVD my Dad had lent me on sheep farming in New Zealand. This was called “Sheep Station NZ” and I’m sure I enjoyed it more than Claire but it was really good. Farming over there is so different to what we’re used to. It makes keeping 300 sheep, like we used to, seem like a little hobby! These farms are huge, some having up to 40,000 sheep with over 30 sheep dogs; this was as well as rounding them up in helicopters and controlling wild pigs and goats everyday.
I went backpacking to NZ when I was 19 and loved it, I only really went to the toruisty places but watching this DVD really makes me want to go back and experience work and how they do things (rather than drink), the trouble is I’m not sure I’d come back (they've got so much space)!

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geoffwakeling said...

That Jam Roly Poly looks delicious!! Hope you enjoyed :)